How to Install a 1999 Camry Window Regulator?

Answer Once a regulator fails, the window may be stuck in the open or closed position. This inconvenience is also a safety hazard, and may cause the vehicle to fail a safety inspection in some states. Mos... Read More »

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How to Install a Window Regulator in a 99 Camry?

A window regulator works by taking input from the window switch and then moving the window lift up or down. A window unable to roll up or down may be caused by a failed window regulator. Fortunatel... Read More »

How to Remove a Window Regulator from a 1991 Camry?

A window regulator is the moving brace that moves your car windows up and down. Sometimes these pieces break, especially on a 1991 Camry. You'll know if your regulator is broken if your window won'... Read More »

How Do I Replace a 1992 Camry Rear Window Regulator?

A window regular can fail, leaving a window stuck partially open or all the way down inside the door. The window may not respond to electrical controls or the manual crank. Replacing the regulator ... Read More »

How to Replace the Driver's Door Window in a 1999 Camry?

To change the driver's side window on a Toyota Camry, you need to take off the inside door panel, or trim. To remove the trim, you need to remove the switch plate and the mirror adjuster cover. Onc... Read More »