How to Install Yella Terra Rockers?

Answer There are very few reasons to install aftermarket rocker arms. Either the factory rocker arms have failed or they allow too much flex when using stiffer valve springs. Too much flex will cause perf... Read More »

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How to Install Roller Rockers Studs?

Stock rocker arms feature a metal tip that slides against the tip of the pushrod. This sliding motion creates friction, which reduces the amount of power generated by the engine that reaches the dr... Read More »

How to Install Roller Rockers on a Chevy?

A standard stamped rocker arm on a Chevy relies on oil to reduce the friction created as it slides across the valve stem when it opens the valve. Anything in the engine that causes resistance throu... Read More »

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How to Adjust 5.0 Roller Rockers?

In a Ford engine, valves allow the fuel/air mixture to enter and the exhaust gases to leave. Engines in use today use a spinning rod with raised portions, called a camshaft, to push the valves open... Read More »