How to Install Windows XP on an eeePC?

Answer You can install Windows XP on an EEE PC from Asus in almost the same way that you would install it on an ordinary computer. There are just a few additional steps. The biggest issue people will have... Read More »

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ASUS 701 eeePC, in what ways can I add memory on?

i guess you bought it from ebay.the hard drive cannot be upgraded. if you bought the linux os then you will have 4Gb hard disk drive which will leave maybe 1.5 Gb as free. it also comes with 8Gb if... Read More »

How to Install Windows Mail and Windows Calendar on Windows 7?

Windows Mail,the email client, and Windows Calendar are both part of Windows Vista. But in Windows 7 they are not included. Although Windows 7 does have a Windows Mail program folder, but it is not... Read More »

How to Install and Run Windows Movie Maker 2.1 for Windows XP on Windows 7?

Windows Movie Maker 2.1 is bundled with Windows XP.But it is not included in Windows 7. Although it is possible to download and install both Windows Movie Maker 2.6 and 6 for Windows Vista on Windo... Read More »

How to Install Microsoft Windows Vista/ Windows 7 using a USB 2.0 Flash Drive?

For users who own a computer without an optical disc drive such as a netbook or laptop, installing a Microsoft Windows operating system can be achieved with the use of a USB 2.0 flash drive. To ins... Read More »