How to Install Valve Stems on Tires?

Answer If one of your car's tires begins to lose pressure for no apparent reason, the problem may not be in the tire itself; it may be a leaking valve stem. The valve stem is a synthetic rubber or plastic... Read More »

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How to Remove Broken Valve Core Stems From Tires?

A valve stem on a tire consists of a rubber sealed metal tube, a valve core and a valve cap. The rubber surrounding the metal tube provides an external seal to the valve stem against the rim so tha... Read More »

What Are Truck Valve Stems?

Truck valve stems fit through a hole in the tire body and connect to the tire interior. Air is inserted through the valve stem to maintain the air pressure within the tire. A faulty valve stem can ... Read More »

Types of Tire Valve Stems?

A tire valve stem is a simple device that allows air to enter a tire from a pump, and the stem then self-seals to hold air inside. Valves come either integrated with the tire, as in an automobile t... Read More »

How to Replace the Valve Stems on a Honda Civic?

Faulty valve stems on your Honda Civic can be the cause of air leaking from your tires. When this occurs, it's time to change the valve stem. Thankfully, changing a valve stem is relatively easy an... Read More »