How to Install Valve Seals in a 350 Engine?

Answer The valve seals on your 350 engine might harden or break after years of service. A bad seal will lead to oil consumption and cause engine smoke at the tailpipe. You can service the engine and repla... Read More »

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How to replace valve seals on your engine?

Does your engine blow blue smoke when idling, does it smoke blue going down the road? Chances are you have worn out valve guide oil seals in your engine. I will show you how easy it is to replace t... Read More »

How to Slow the Engine Valve Seals From Leaking?

The engine valve seals have a very specific function in the automobile engine. They restrain oil from traveling down between the valve stem and valve guide, where it could enter the combustion cham... Read More »

How to Stop Engine Valve Seals From Leaking?

A leaking valve seal can contribute to damage or failure in your engine. The most common leak is oil and it will be dark brown or yellow in color. If your oil level is low, you should check the val... Read More »

How to Replace Valve Stem Seals in a 302 Engine?

If your 302-equipped Ford vehicle is starting to emit blue smoke from the exhaust pipe, the valve seals might be leaking. This can be determined by removing the spark plugs and checking them for oi... Read More »