How to Install V-Force Reeds?

Answer V-Force is a premium brand of reed valve used in high performance two-stroke motors--commonly dirt bikes and snowmobiles. The reed valve is very much like a musical reed. It helps meter air/gas mix... Read More »

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Do reeds in diffusers go bad?

Reed in diffusers can last quite some time if they are well cared for and used in only one fragrance. They will, though, eventually lose their ability to channel the scent through their cells and i... Read More »

How to Trim Reeds?

Trimming the reed of a woodwind instrument is a process that should be done with care and always the right equipment. Trimming results in a harder reed, producing a brighter sound. To trim your own... Read More »

How do I choose alto sax reeds?

Determine the size of the saxophone's mouthpiece. A mouthpiece with a wide tip opening will work better with a softer reed, while one with a narrower one will work with a harder reed.Determine what... Read More »

How to Make Oboe Reeds?

The oboe is an instrument that requires a double reed and, unless you develop your own technique for making reeds, you will be at the mercy of each manufacturer's style. This could vary your sound ... Read More »