How to Install Twin Turbo?

Answer Turbochargers are a type of forced-induction intake system that make use of impellers to compress air and force it into the combustion chamber of the engine. A twin turbocharger system makes use of... Read More »

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Single Rear-Mounted Turbo Vs. Front-Mounted Twin Turbo?

Whether or not forced induction (via a single or multiple turbochargers) will add power is beyond dispute at this point; decades of testing and domination in racing have proven that much. The prima... Read More »

How to Twin Turbo Your Car?

A turbocharger pressurizes the air intake system of an engine, drastically increasing the airflow into the cylinders. This drastically increases horsepower potential beyond what is achievable with ... Read More »

Twin Turbo V6 Vs. V8?

That old adage about there being no replacement for displacement is beginning to look more time-worn than time-tested. Twin turbo V6's are making serious inroads into the performance community, com... Read More »

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