How to Install Toilet Paper on a Roller?

Answer Toilet paper is a complete essential for proper hygiene, and it is equally important to have an accessible toilet paper roller, holder or dispenser in bathrooms. Different toilet paper holders have... Read More »

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Which way should the toilet paper come off the roller?

from the top.Your fingernails don't scratch the wall, like when it rolls from the back.Also the colors are apparent when rolled from the top.

For toilet tissue- over or under on the roller?

All hotels fold over then give it a small fold on the end.

Can the type of toilet paper used cause toilet-flushing problems?

Maybe, but generally it's the amount of TP one uses that causes the problems. That, and the new low-flush water saver toilets. Thinner would likely be better than softer, because some of the so... Read More »

How to Fix an Overflowed Toilet Stuffed by Toilet Paper?

Toilets rely on gravity and pressure to help clear waste through the lines. The typical opening of a toilet's waste pipe can be between 3” and 4” in size; enough to handle most waste, but easil... Read More »