How to Install Tie Rods?

Answer A tie rod is a part of your vehicle’s steering linkage that connects the front steering spindles with the center steering link, which is controlled by the steering gear box. When the steering whe... Read More »

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How to Install Curtain Rods?

Before you install a curtain rod, you should have the curtains you want to hang from it. The curtain will not only determine the height of the rod, but what kind of rod to buy and whether to instal... Read More »

How to Install Car Push Rods?

The push rods in your car work to actuate the rocker arms in the engine. The rocker arms in turn operate the valves, opening and closing the intake and exhaust valve to complete the combustion proc... Read More »

How to Install Pistons on Connecting Rods?

An engine's connecting rods are the components that connect the crankshaft to the piston. As the crankshaft rotates (which corresponds to the engine's RPM), the connecting rod and piston is pushed ... Read More »

How to Install Chevy Pistons on Rods?

Most self-proclaimed engine builders begin the assembly process with the short block -- pistons, rods and crankshaft -- already in place and balanced. Often, the assembly of the bottom-end componen... Read More »