How to Install Talk Now on Your iPod?

Answer In 2008, Google announced the release of Talk Now, later called GTalk, which is available in a number of languages. This is a version of Gmail's messenger that allows iPod Touch users to chat with ... Read More »

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If you connect your 30GB ipod video to your firewire adapter and wall charger 5DC volts 0.67A will it do nothing charge your iPod or ruin your ipod?

A firewire connection wil charge your video iPod perfectly.

How do you install rockbox on your ipod?

Answer Visit docid=267314641707652464&q=how+to+install+rockbox+on+ipod&total=22&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=0

Can you install Linux into your 2nd generation iPod Nano?

AnswerNo, as of April 2008, Ipod Linux does not work ipod nano generations 2 - 4. It does work with the 1st generation though. edit: Now you can it is fully supported

How do you take songs from your iPod using a PC and install them on a mac?

You can "rip" music off any iPod. There are several commercial applications that make this task very easy. There are also many free methods. Super easy way to get your hands on your ipod songs:open... Read More »