How to Install TV Tuner Hardware in a Laptop?

Answer A TV tuner adapter receives television signals from your service provider and transmits the signal to your laptop computer in a compatible format. When you connect your laptop to a TV tuner adapter... Read More »

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How do I Install a TV Tuner Driver for an HP DV7-1130US Laptop?

The Hewlett-Packard (HP) DV7-1130US is a model of laptop that was released with Microsoft Windows Vista, but is upgradeable to Windows 7 if the owner wants. A TV Tuner is a device that allows a con... Read More »

How to Install Wireless Networking Hardware on a Laptop?

Some laptops do not come with wireless networking features on their motherboards. If you want to use a wireless network on your laptop, a special type of PCMCIA card, called a wireless network adap... Read More »

Can anyone help with tv tuner (Dell) and laptop connection does laptop have to stay on alltime to record?

The computer needs to be on all the time to record TV programs you can burn them onto a DVD I use Nero 7.0 to do that. Hope this helps

How to Connect the TV Tuner for an HP Laptop?

TV tuners for computers are by no means a new technology. With desktops, most TV tuners require you to open your machine and install them manually. With laptops, all you really need to do is plug i... Read More »