How to Install TPS on a 1990 Ford F-350 5.8L?

Answer The 1990 Ford F-350 truck was available with three engines: a 5.8L Windsor engine, a 7.3L engine, a 7.5L engine, and a 4.9L engine. The 5.8L engine, like the others, comes with a throttle position ... Read More »

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How to Install a Thermostat on a 1990 Ford Mustang 2.3 L?

If your temperature gauge begins to malfunction, such as reading normal when the engine is obviously overheating or not reading a temperature at all, then you must replace the thermostat in your ca... Read More »

How to Install Front Bearings on a 1990 Ford 4x4 F-150?

The front bearings on your 1990 Ford F-150 are essential for supporting the weight of the truck and for allowing the tires to rotate smoothly. You should replace your front bearings every 150,000 m... Read More »

How to Install a Fan Clutch in a 1990 Ford Ranger?

The 1990 Ford Ranger fan clutch is a silicone-filled, turbine mechanism. When cold, the clutch freewheels, causing the fan to rotate slowly. As the silicone absorbs heat conducted through the clutc... Read More »

How Do I Install a Fuel Pump in a 1990 Ford Ranger?

The Ranger is a pickup truck that Ford has produced since 1983. The 1990 Ford Ranger was equipped with either a 6-cylinder 2.9-liter engine or a 6-cylinder 4.0-liter engine, each of which uses fuel... Read More »