How to Install Steel Brake Lines?

Answer Installing steel brake lines yourself is not difficult. There is no need to take the car to an automotive repair shop because you can install the line in your driveway in just a few minutes. When t... Read More »

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How to Install Stainless Steel Brake Lines?

Braided steel brake lines are a popular performance upgrade on cars and trucks. Normal rubber brake lines expand slightly when the brakes are applied, which can lead to spongy, less-than-firm brake... Read More »

How to Install Steel Braided Brake Lines?

High-performance and off-road vehicle owners often replace standard rubber brake lines with steel braided brake lines. This type of brake line allows extreme wheel travel without binding or hangup.... Read More »

How to Install Compression Fittings on Steel Brake Lines?

Steel brake lines are designed to withstand far greater pressure levels than normal rubber brake lines. When you jam on the brakes in a car with normal rubber brake lines, the response can be soft ... Read More »

How to Repair Steel Brake Lines?

If you want to keep a vehicle for as long as possible you will need to be capable of doing your own repair work. Otherwise, the local shop is likely to charge huge repair bills to fix problems that... Read More »