How to Install & Stake Aileron Bearings?

Answer On aircraft, ailerons are the flaps along the outer edge of the wings that are used to control the up or down pitch of the aircraft. Aileron bearings are the small connections, often in round ball ... Read More »

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How to Install & Stake Aircraft Bearings?

All moving parts on an aircraft have bearings. A bearing is a device that allows moving parts to work together with little friction. Because aircraft bearings handle frequent repetitive motion, you... Read More »

How to Install Main Bearings and Rod Bearings in a 350 Chevy?

The Chevrolet 350 engine uses a crankshaft located in the bottom of the engine to move power from the pistons to the transmission and the drive wheels. The crankshaft has round portions that are on... Read More »

How to Install SBC Cam Bearings?

The cam shaft inside a small block Chevy, or SBC, engine drives the valves which mix air and fuel for combustion. Its spinning motion generates the up and down movement of the valves, and the beari... Read More »

How to Install Rod Bearings?

Replacing the connecting rod bearings is a routine part of an engine rebuild. The bearings provide the surfaces on which the crankshaft and the piston's wrist pin ride and are a crucial aspect of a... Read More »