How to Install Spark Plugs in a 1999 Town Car?

Answer Spark plugs are standard parts in any gasoline combustion engine that generate the spark necessary to cause the combustion reaction that supplies power to the rest of your engine. Spark plugs will ... Read More »

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How to Install Spark Plugs in a 1999 GMC 5.7L?

GMC used its 5.7-liter V-8 engine in nearly all of its 1999 full-size SUVs and pickups, including the C- and K-series pickups, Suburbans and Yukons. You must replace the spark plugs on the 1999 GMC... Read More »

How to Install Spark Plugs on a 1999 Ford F-150?

One of the focuses Ford always had with the F-150 was to give buyers as many options as possible to fulfill their automotive needs. The 1999 F-150 is no exception to this tradition, as it had three... Read More »

How to Replace Spark Plugs in a Chrysler Town & Country?

Chrysler Town and Country spark plugs are designed to last between 60,000 and 100,000 miles. Chrysler suggests the spark plugs on Town and Country engines be inspected and cleaned every 30,000 mile... Read More »

How to Change Spark Plugs on a 1999 F-250?

The Ford F-250's roots stretch back to the 1948 release of the F-2, 3/4-ton pickup. The F-250 officially made its debut in 1953, when Ford tweaked the appearance of the F-series pickups and changed... Read More »