How to Install Spark Plugs in 2000 Dodge Van?

Answer The Dodge van has an internal combustion engine. This means that fuel is sprayed into each cylinder as each spark plug sets a spark. This creates a small explosion that pushes a piston in that cyli... Read More »

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How to Remove 2000 Dodge Caravan Spark Plugs?

The spark plugs on a 2000 Dodge Caravan provide spark to the engine, and are an integral part of the internal combustion process. Over time, the gap on the spark plugs can widen, or the plugs can l... Read More »

What Tools Do You Need to Change Spark Plugs on a 2000 Dodge Stratus?

The Dodge Stratus was originally introduced in 1995 and was one of the three "Cloud" series models offered by Dodge, Chrysler and Plymouth. The base mode Stratus was available with a 132 horsepower... Read More »

How to Install Dodge RAM Spark Plugs?

Like other combustion engine vehicles, the Dodge RAM requires a series of spark plugs to deliver electrical ignition sparks to the combustion chambers. The sparks ignite the fuel/air mixture inside... Read More »

How To Install Spark Plugs in 1500 Dodge RAM?

Spark plugs are often overlooked when it comes to maintaining the engine in a vehicle. Replacing the spark plugs will improve the way your Dodge Ram runs and drives, if the old plugs are worn or fo... Read More »