How to Install Slack Adjusters?

Answer Brakes on trucks equipped with air brakes needed manually adjustment by a driver or technician in the past. In recent years, automatic slack adjusters have begun to replace manual break adjustments... Read More »

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How to Use Auto Slack Brake Adjusters?

Auto slack brake adjusters are related to the air brake system of an automobile. To use them properly, they must be accurately positioned. A correctly set slack adjuster will maintain even wear amo... Read More »

How to Reset Automatic Slack Adjusters?

An automatic slack adjuster is the main component that keeps the brake shoes at the proper distance from the surface of the brake drums. As the brake shoes and the brake drums wear down, the automa... Read More »

How Is the Angle Measured on Air Brake Slack Adjusters?

Air brake slack adjusters work in conjunction with push rods to apply the brakes to the brake drums on an air-brake system, usually found on large trucks. The angle that the slack adjusters work wi... Read More »

How to Adjust Slack Adjusters on Trailer Brakes?

Proper adjustment of slack adjusters is essential to the functionality of trailer brakes. Slack adjusters compensate for normal wear of break linings. The slack adjuster is an arm attached to a pus... Read More »