How to Install Shear Pins for a Snow Blower?

Answer Shear pins on snow blowers run through the auger and auger shaft, so the auger will turn when the auger is engaged. When shear pins are damaged or lost, the auger will spin freely on the auger shaf... Read More »

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How to Replace Shear Pins?

In an effort to protect the more expensive parts in a piece of equipment or machine, the shear pin was invented. Shear pins hold two pieces of stronger metal together. When something causes the she... Read More »

How to Replace a Shear Pin on a Toro Snow Thrower?

Toro snow throwers do not use conventional shear pins as do other snow blower manufacturers. This is because with the Toro design (constant tension belt system), if the snow thrower hits and ingest... Read More »

How to Repair and Replace Sheer Pins on a Snow Thrower?

Snow throwers use a high speed impeller to "throw" snow collected by the machine out a discharge chute and away from the area being cleared of snow. Two-stage snow throwers have metal or plastic au... Read More »

How to Replace MTD Snow Blower Impeller?

MTD produces over a dozen snow blower models, each designed to meet certain operational and cost criteria for specific user requirements. All models are designed with ease of maintenance in mind so... Read More »