How to Install SKUNK2 Control Arm on a 2004 Civic?

Answer Skunk2 control arms, also called suspension arms, are the most basic element of the 2004 Civic suspension. The control arm joins the shock, the wheel hub and tie rod together. While the factory con... Read More »

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How to Install Fog Lights on a 2004 Civic?

The Honda Civic factory fog light kit is an aftermarket upgrade to the Civic's standard headlights. While some prefer the lights for purely cosmetic reasons, from a functionality standpoint, the li... Read More »

How to Install 2004 Honda Civic Air Filter?

The engine in a 2004 Honda Civic has to take in air so that fuel can be converted to energy. The air should be free of dust and road grime. A dirty air filter can harm the Civic's performance as we... Read More »

How to Install a Honda Civic Control Arm?

One of the more common items that will need to be replaced on an aging Honda Civic is the upper control arm, which is part of the steering mechanism on the front wheels. When the bushings wear out ... Read More »

How to Install a Lower Control Arm in a Civic?

The front suspension on a Honda Civic contains a lower control arm that stabilizes the front suspension. This has a ball joint, which wears down over time. When the ball joint wears down the front ... Read More »