How to Install SBC Valve Stem Seals?

Answer If you notice oily black deposits on the spark plugs of your small-block Chevy (SBC), if your "Service Engine Soon" light comes on for no apparent reason, you might think it's major. If your car be... Read More »

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How to Install Valve Stem Seals in a Toyota Tercel?

The valve stem seal, more commonly called a valve stem, is a tube-like piece of rubber that is fitted into your Toyota Tercel's tire rim. The valve stem is where air hoses are inserted to fill your... Read More »

What Are Valve Stem Seals?

Efficient valve stem seals play an important role in the use of oil in a vehicle's engine. When not working properly, faulty valve stem seals may cause a variety of problems.

How to Replace Valve Stem Oil Seals?

The advent of the overhead valve engine brought with it several problems. One such problem was that when the intake valve opened, the piston would draw oil down the valve stem into the cylinder. Th... Read More »

How to Replace Valve Stem Seals in a 302 Engine?

If your 302-equipped Ford vehicle is starting to emit blue smoke from the exhaust pipe, the valve seals might be leaking. This can be determined by removing the spark plugs and checking them for oi... Read More »