How to Install Rubber Valve Cover Gaskets?

Answer Every vehicle's engine is different and the placement for the securing bolts that hold the valve cover in place varies from model to model. On some vehicles you will need to remove engine parts to ... Read More »

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How to Install Valve Cover Gaskets?

Valve covers cover the connection between the push rod ends and the rockers of your engine. Valve cover gaskets ensure that the oil coming to the top of the engine to lubricate the rocker arms does... Read More »

How to Install Cork Valve Cover Gaskets?

Before the use of modern rubber gaskets, many automotive gaskets were made of cork. Most commonly, cork gaskets were used for valve covers, timing chain covers, oil pans and intake manifolds. Like ... Read More »

How to Replace Valve Cover Gaskets on a GM 3.1L?

The GM 3.1-liter engine comes in many Chevrolet vehicles, including the 2002 Malibu. Valve cover gaskets should be replaced as soon as you notice them leaking. Since the 3.1-liter engine is availab... Read More »

What Are Valve Cover Gaskets Made Of?

The valve cover or valve covers (on V-engines) are fastened to the engine on top of the valve train. A valve cover gasket seals the valve cover to the engine and prevents oil leaks. Over time, val... Read More »