How to Install Rear Steer on an Axial AX10?

Answer The Axial AX10 Scorpion is an off-road style remote-control vehicle. The car is capable of traveling over rough terrain, such as snow, mud and rocks. Adding rear steering to the unit expands its ab... Read More »

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How to Correct Rear Wheel Drive Over-Steer Problems?

Oversteer describes what occurs when the back end of a vehicle slides towards the outside of the turn due to the rear tires losing grip while the front tires keep their grip on the road. Understeer... Read More »

How to Install Dana 60 High Steer Arms?

High steer arms are designed to mount the tie rod high on the axle to avoid damage while off road. High steer arms also will allow you to install a larger tie rod and drag link for superior strengt... Read More »

Where is the axial artery?

In humans, the axial artery, also called the axillary artery, supplies blood to the side of the upper chest, armpit and upper arm. The artery extends from near the first rib into the upper arm.Refe... Read More »

Axial Skeleton Disease?

The human skeletal system contains 206 bones and is comprised of two parts: the axial skeleton and the appendicular skeleton. The appendicular skeleton includes the arm, shoulder, pelvis and leg bo... Read More »