How to Install Rear Brakes?

Answer The rear brakes on most cars use drums with brake shoes that work with the parking brake. Installing rear brake shoes is more difficult than front brake pads, because the assembly involves multiple... Read More »

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How to Install Rear Brakes on an F-150?

F-150 rear brakes are disc-style brakes with brake pads. Although rear brake pads tend to last longer than the front brake pads, it is important to periodically inspect the pads in the front and th... Read More »

How to Install Rear Brakes in My ATV?

ATV, or all terrain vehicles, have braking systems very similar to cars. The same principals are at work: when you apply pressure on a foot or hand brake, it forces hydraulic brake fluid through a ... Read More »

How Do I Install Rear Brakes on a '94 GMC Pickup?

The rear brakes on your '94 GMC pickup truck are servo-style drum brakes. As the brake shoes are expanded against the brake drum, they grab and try to follow the rotation of the drum. The rotation ... Read More »

How to Install Rear Brakes on a Dodge?

Replacing the rear brakes on a Dodge vehicle requires replacement of the brake pads and the rear brake rotors. Chrysler recommends regular maintenance of your vehicle's brakes so that you can spot ... Read More »