How to Install PyLab on Python?

Answer PyLab is a module that belongs to the Python mathematics library Matplotlib. PyLab combines the numerical module numpy with the graphical plotting module pyplot. PyLab was designed with the interac... Read More »

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How to Install Python Fuel Pumps?

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How to Install Python Packages on Windows 7?

You want to use Python on a Windows 7 machine but you don't know what you're doing. What you do know is that in order to go anywhere and do anything you've got to install packages. Or maybe you don... Read More »

How to Install Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl & Python Ubuntu Servers?

Ubuntu is a Linux distribution maintained by Canonical. Ubuntu was initially created to offer end users a simple Linux distribution. Canonical also created a server distribution. When creating a We... Read More »

How to Run Python?

Python is an open-sourced, high-level programming language. Because the language uses a Python interpreter that converts Python source code to machine code the specific operating system can underst... Read More »