How to Install Prelude Headlights?

Answer The Honda Prelude is equipped with composite headlights, which means that it includes removable bulbs in the headlight assemblies. If a headlight bulb fails, it may be tempting to call a service ce... Read More »

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How to Remove Prelude Headlights?

The headlights in the Honda Prelude should be replaced whenever they burn out or become damaged. Properly working headlights are needed to be able to have proper visibility in low light circumstanc... Read More »

How to Adjust the Headlights in a Honda Prelude?

If drivers seem to honk or flash their bright lights at you for no apparent reason, you may need to adjust your headlights. While car manufacturers recommend using a service station to adjust the h... Read More »

How to Install JDM Fog Lights on a Prelude?

The Honda Prelude came with available fog lights, which allow for better vision in hazardous conditions such as rain, snow, ice and fog. While the factory-installed lights are usually fine, if you ... Read More »

How to Install a Sun Roof in a Honda Prelude?

Installing a sunroof in a Honda Prelude provides better ventilation and a roomier feeling in the cabin. Putting a sunroof in a Honda Prelude requires precision cutting skills and special tools. The... Read More »