How to Install Power Door Locks on a 2008 RAM?

Answer A 2008 Dodge Ram pickup truck utilizes power-lock switches and power-lock buttons to perform the lock operations for the vehicle's doors. When you push the lock switch, you send an electrical signa... Read More »

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How to Fix Power Locks in a Door?

Power door locks have become nearly standard on cars of all types around the world. These locks can be worked remotely with your wireless remote or they can be opened with a tab on your driver's si... Read More »

How to Add Power Door Locks?

Adding power door locks to a vehicle is a time consuming yet worthwhile process. Installing power door locks allows a modern convenience to be used in an older style vehicle. Most power locks also ... Read More »

What fuse is for the power door locks?

The fuse for power door locks will vary by vehicle manufacturer; however, in the owner's manual, it often has the label "DOOR," "LOCK," or the abbreviation "LCK." In some vehicles, the power door l... Read More »

Installing Power Door Locks?

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