How to Install PHP 5.2 in Redhat?

Answer Redhat created and maintain the Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution for its enterprise customers. RedHat uses the "Yum" package management system to install software in the system. In order to in... Read More »

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How to Set Up a USB Printer in Redhat Linux?

Redhat Linux is an operating system that is open-source, allowing users greater flexibility in customizing the operating system to meet various needs. Redhat Linux can be used on servers in an offi... Read More »

How to Add an SCSI Controller to Redhat Linux?

Red Hat supports many common SCSI controllers, allowing one to use numerous SCSI devices from within Linux. Red Hat can autoconfigure many devices, so the installation procedure is often as simple... Read More »

How to Set Sleep Mode for Hard Drives in Redhat?

Red Hat is a Linux version that specializes in business applications and support. It still retains a friendly interface and most basic tasks can be performed with little hassle. It's important to k... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot RedHat Linux Shutdown Problems?

Most modern motherboards use Advanced Configuration and Power Interface, or ACPI, to handle power management. ACPI enables software to send instructions to the motherboard to power off, restart, or... Read More »