How to Install OS 10.4 on a G4 Mac?

Answer Mac OS X 10.4 was introduced in 2004 and was nicknamed "Tiger." The software was the fourth version of Mac OS X 10 which was first released in 2001. In order to run Tiger, your computer needs a Pow... Read More »

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I do not have the CD to install Espon Photo 820 printer. Can I download the software to install the program?

You should be able to get the driver from the Epson website.

Trying to install open office,works until it says install now, then it says installer integrity failed. Help?

I am trying to install the adobe flash player, since mine apparantly no longer works, but it wont install!?

Tools > manage add-ons > highlight 'Shockwave flash object' > enable.If it isnt there, it isnt installed.Are you using the flash uninstaller.…Finally goto ... Read More »

How to Install a Linux Operating System to a Flash Drive and Install Portable Versions of Your Favourite Applications?

Ever wish there was more you could do with a USB stick other than saving or copying files? Like get it to make you breakfast, take the dog for a walk, or do all your school assignments? Well….... Read More »