How to Install No Adhesive 2X2 Carpet Tiles?

Answer Carpet tiles are sections of carpet that are made in small sections, such as 2-by-2 feet, and are laid like tile. Carpet tiles have the advantage of providing access to plumbing or wiring underneat... Read More »

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How to Install Used Carpet Tiles?

Carpet tiles are easy to customize and easy to install. They can also be pulled up and replaced if you spill something that causes a stain. Used carpet tiles are installed the same way that new car... Read More »

How to Install Kid's Carpet Tiles?

Carpet tiles are an easy creative way to install carpet in a kid's room. The many colors and patterns of carpet tiles make matching a kid's personality a breeze. They can choose their favorite colo... Read More »

If I av not put grooves in my adhesive for my tiles will this effect my tiles They are on and seem fine?

Maybe and maybe not. There are several other factors such as how much you used, to thick or thin. What type of substrate your going over and what you did to prep the floor. Type of adhesive and if... Read More »

How do you remove excess ceramic tile adhesive from tiles which were installed three days ago if you used too much adhesive?

Answer If the "adhesive" you are referring to is tile grout, use a mild acid cleaner. Rinse with water thoroughly both before and after use, but most of all, follow the cleaning instructions care... Read More »