How to Install New Heating & Air Duct Work in a Crawl Space?

Answer Replacing old duct work is not a difficult proposition for a homeowner, but it will require a certain amount of skill to complete. Since it is a replacement there will not be a need to add the extr... Read More »

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How to Install Saltillo Tile Over a Wood Floor and Crawl Space?

Tile is a good choice for your home in areas that can get wet, like the kitchen, bath and laundry room. It's possible to lay tile on a wood floor over a crawl space with the proper preparation. Tak... Read More »

How to Install Duct Work?

Installing duct work for your HVAC system can be expensive even though the work primarily only involves running some pipe and taping it together. Although the process may seem intimidating from the... Read More »

If muriatic acid seeped under a wall in a garage crawl space and the space was then sealed with Rustoleum paint could it be the source of a terrible odor on inside wall of the house and is it fixable?

Sounds like the muriatic acid didn't have the fresh air needed for it to evaporate. The papers I've read suggest neutralizing it (muriatic acid is a dilution of hydrochloric acid) with a baking sod... Read More »

Whis is more economical to install fibrous duct board or flex duct?

Answer Fiberglass Duct Board is cheaper to install than Sheet Metal Ducts. This is definitely the choice of most builders if you don't know any better. Your Air Distribution Duct System should lo... Read More »