How to Install New Drivers After a Ghost Restore to a New PC?

Answer The act of imaging your operating system is the process of saving all settings along with any stored data intact. This is particularly useful if your current system configuration becomes irreparabl... Read More »

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How do I restore Norton Ghost without a CD?

Norton Recovery EnvironmentRestart your computer, then select "Use Norton Recovery Environment" from the Norton menu. You must have previously installed Norton Ghost on your computer in order to re... Read More »

How to Auto Restore XP from Ghost Image?

Symantec's Norton Ghost is a software program that lets you take snapshots of all the programs and system files on your computer. These snapshots are called "images." You can use these images to re... Read More »

How to Restore Norton Ghost From the Network DHCP?

Norton Ghost is a professional grade data backup and recovery software released by the Symantec Corp. The software features full system backup capabilities, Blu-Ray disk support, as well as encrypt... Read More »

Can Norton Ghost 14 restore a backup to a different computer?

Norton Ghost 14 can restore a backup created on one computer to a different computer. One of the most common uses for Norton Ghost is to create a single "image" from a pre-configured computer, then... Read More »