How to Install New Belts in a BMW M3?

Answer Like many cars on the road today, the BMW M3 uses a series of pulleys and drive belts to power various engine components, such as the water pump, the car's air conditioning, and radiator fan. The a... Read More »

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How to Install Drive Belts?

A vehicle contains one or two types of drive belts, or a combination of both. Most older vehicles use V-belts, and the newer vehicles use a serpentine belt or a combination of serpentine belts and ... Read More »

How To Install Seat Belts?

Using seat belts can save your life and can save you and your community money. The safety factor is obvious, but not everyone is aware that taxpayers bear 85 percent of the cost (medical care, emer... Read More »

How to Install Belts on a 1995 Geo Prism?

The 1995 Geo Prizm used separate drive belts, all driven off the crankshaft pulley, to run the engine's accessories. The alternator and air conditioning both share one belt and the power steering a... Read More »

Information to Install Timing Belts?

Many cars have what is called an overhead cam shaft, which moves the valves of the engine. Running this overhead cam shaft is a thing called the timing belt. Car manufacturers make these out of rub... Read More »