How to Install Neon Under Your Car?

Answer Installing neon lights under your car lends a nice, unique glow to your car. Neon lights, consisting of neon and/or a combination of other gases encased in cathode tubes, are readily available, inc... Read More »

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How to Install Neon Under Car Seats?

Installing neon lights under your car seats adds a personal touch to your car. This car accessory is a great expression of character and style at an affordable price. There are different types of l... Read More »

How to Install Neon Lights Under a Car?

Neon lights have always attracted attention. Now there are options to place neon lighting on a car's undercarriage. Unlike the iconic signs that used to be in front of buildings, the neon lighting ... Read More »

How to Use a Kit to Install Neon Lighting Under a Vehicle ?

Adding a neon underglow to a vehicle is a modification popular with those who enjoy customization. Before installing, check to see whether adding a neon underglow is permitted in your city, county ... Read More »

Is It Illegal to Have Blue Neon Lights Under Your Car While Driving?

Neon lights are highly popular with car enthusiasts because it can make the vehicle appear to "float" at night. Before installing any neon lights, consult local law enforcement because certain colo... Read More »