How to Install Microsoft Windows Vista/ Windows 7 using a USB 2.0 Flash Drive?

Answer For users who own a computer without an optical disc drive such as a netbook or laptop, installing a Microsoft Windows operating system can be achieved with the use of a USB 2.0 flash drive. To ins... Read More »

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How to Install Windows 7 on the Same Hard Drive As Windows Vista?

Windows Vista Users, say you just got a new copy of Windows 7 and want to try it out, but you still want to keep your old operating system. Well here are a set of instructions on how to successfull... Read More »

Is a Toshiba USB 2GB flash drive compatible with Windows Vista?

Yes, the Toshiba USB 2GB flash drive is compatible with Windows Vista. In fact, the drive is enhanced for Windows ReadyBoost, allowing the flash drive to allocate memory to the computer memory cach... Read More »

Can you back up files to a flash drive on Microsoft Windows?

You may back up files, such as music, movies, pictures, documents and much more, to a flash drive using Microsoft Windows. The limit is only imposed by the flash memory's total available space. Ope... Read More »

How to Remove Write Protection from a Flash Drive in Windows Vista?

Flash storage drives may potentially store sensitive or private information, from work projects to personal finance documents. When you don't want anyone to have direct access to read or write to t... Read More »