How to Install Internal TV Tuner Cards?

Answer TV tuner cards allow you to view cable or satellite TV on your computer. Depending on the manufacturer, the TV tuner card can include features such as multi-stream DVR, where you can watch a show o... Read More »

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Does a Pentium 2 processor support a USB internal TV tuner card?

USB TV tuner cards are external devices that can be plugged into a USB port on a computer to enable television reception. Whether a computer with an Intel Pentium 2 processor supports a USB TV tun... Read More »

How to Use PC Tuner Cards With Cox Cable?

A PC tuner card is typically an internally installed card (although there are a few select external models) that accepts a television signal, allowing you to watch TV through the computer monitor. ... Read More »

Can Media Center Vista 64 operate two separate TV tuner cards in one computer?

Windows Media Center (even the earliest version that came installed with Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005) has always been able to support at least two different TV tuners. It provides the user... Read More »

How to Install New Internal Hard Drive Without Removing Old Internal Crashed Hard Drive in a Desktop?

This guide will explain how to install a new internal hard drive without removing the old internal (bad) hard drive. This will work in most desktops.