How to Install Hook Type Wiper Blades?

Answer Wipers are important to drivers to aid them in road visibility. It is also one car component that easily gets worn out. Thankfully, installing wiper blades is easy, and you can pick up wiper blades... Read More »

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How to Remove J-Hook Wiper Blades?

The process for removing wiper blades from a vehicle depends on the type of wiper arms they are connected to. A wiper arm serves as a connection between the blade and the motor that powers the blad... Read More »

How to Change Hook Style Wiper Blades?

A major vehicle maintenance task, though it takes very little time to complete, is regularly changing windshield wiper blades. Wiper blades are also important safety devices for visibility while on... Read More »

How to Install Anco Wiper Blades?

The windshield wipers standard on most vehicles today consist of a rubber wiper blade attached to a plastic or metal structure that clips into a metal wiper arm. Anco, a subsidiary of Federal Mogul... Read More »

How to Install Michelin Wiper Blades?

Michelin-brand wiper blades are manufactured by the Pylon company, who also makes TrueFit- and Pylon-brand wiper blades. Michelin blades are widely available at affordable prices; you'll find them... Read More »