How to Install Hood Shocks?

Answer Nothing can be more frustrating than raising your hood only to have it refuse to stay up and slide back down. This can be dangerous with a heavy hood. Many hood designs today incorporate two gas-pr... Read More »

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How to Install Lexus LS400 Hood Shocks?

The Lexus LS400 is a popular car, but as it gets older, parts start to break. The hood struts aren't a critical moving part of the vehicle, but if one goes out, it's certainly inconvenient. The hoo... Read More »

How to Replace Hood Shocks?

Hood shocks, otherwise known as hood struts, are designed to eliminate the need of a prop rod for a vehicle hood. They use compressed gas, much like a shock absorber, to keep the hood elevated unti... Read More »

How to Install Air Shocks?

Whether you want a little extra lift in the rear end of your truck or a little more carrying capacity, air shocks are a cheap and easy solution. These pneumatic devices replace the stock shock and ... Read More »

How to Install Gas Shocks?

Many automobiles use gas-powered shock absorbers on their rear axles to provide cushion from harsh road conditions, and vehicle stability at highway speeds. These shocks can wear out and require re... Read More »