How to Install Highway Pegs?

Answer Highway pegs are short metal pegs that are attached to the highway bars on a motorcycle. These pegs are designed to create a comfortable and secure spot for your feet to rest while riding on the hi... Read More »

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How to Install Highway Pegs for Motorcycles?

In terms of comfort, mounting highway pegs on your cruiser can make a big difference on the road. Although most cruisers have forward-mounted foot controls, highway pegs can provide you with laid-... Read More »

How to Install Highway Pegs on an 883C Harley Davidson?

Highway pegs are also known as "forward pegs" because they relocate the traditional middle-position foot pegs with ones that bolt to the front of the frame. This allows your legs to rest in a seate... Read More »

How to Install Foot Pegs?

Motorcycle and ATV foot pegs provide a convenient platform for the rider's feet. Besides acting as a resting point for the feet, foot pegs bear the rider's full weight if he partially stands or cro... Read More »

How to Install Speaker Grill Pegs?

Snap-in speaker grill pegs are commonly used by speaker manufacturers to securely attach the grill and frame to a speaker cabinet. Fitting these to a grill and speaker otherwise not equipped with t... Read More »