How to Install Heli-coils?

Answer Heli-coil inserts can save valuable parts and time. A stripped female bolt thread on an expensive piece of metal such as an engine block can be repaired. Heli-coils generally come in a kit with par... Read More »

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How to Insert Heli-Coils in Plastic?

Heli-Coil is a brand name for helical inserts. They are used to repair damaged threads in plastic, steel or aluminum. Heli-Coils are placed in plastic to enhance the holding power of the screws. He... Read More »

How to Install Ignition Coils for a 2001 F150?

The 2001 Ford F150 uses two types of coil systems, depending upon the model. One type of system has a single coil pack that each spark plug wire is connected to. The other type, called the coil-ove... Read More »

Does BBC have a heli pad?

you go on the bbc website and say out loud i would like to download bbc iplayer and it does it in 2 seconds for god sake work it out urself

Havoc Heli Tips?

The Air Hogs Havoc Heli combines a simple controller with a compact engine to offer a powerful micro helicopter for novice pilots and enthusiasts. The Havoc Heli fits through small spaces and offe... Read More »