How to Install Head Lights With a Relay Switch?

Answer Whether it's for a hot rod, dune buggy or old woods truck, there's only one correct way to wire headlights and that is to use a relay switch in the circuit. Using a relay insures brighter headlight... Read More »

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How to Install a Relay Switch?

Relays serve two critical functions, both equally important. The most common is operating a large current with a small switch. Instead of mounting a massive switch on a car dashboard, for example, ... Read More »

How to Install an Automotive Relay Switch?

If you are adding a high power electric accessory to your vehicle, you can install a relay to operate it. For easier installation, use a pre-wired relay socket and extend its leads to the accessory... Read More »

How to Install a Standard 4 Pin Relay for the Front Lights of a Car?

Most vehicles use standard four-pin relays to regulate power to the front headlights. When the headlight switch is on, the headlight relay's internal circuitry completes the circuit, allowing power... Read More »

How to Install a Turn Relay Switch on a Motorcycle?

Motorcycle turn signals use a relay to flash the signals on a constant basis. Although these relays are quite durable, they do wear out over time. One sign is a constantly illuminated turn signal. ... Read More »