How to Install "Half-Life 2" with "Garry's Mod"?

Answer Less of an actual game, "Garry's Mod" is a fan-made turned retail modification for games powered by the Source engine, such as "Half-Life 2." Formally released free specifically for "Half-Life 2," ... Read More »

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How to Install Half Life on Windows XP?

The original Half Life PC game from Valve Software remains a popular title over a decade after its release. Unfortunately, the game doesn't always install correctly on newer operating systems due t... Read More »

Where can I get Torchwood npc's for garrys mod 10?

The Borg were introduced before Battlestar Galactica was on screen so no. Answer:Battlestar Galactica (and the Cylons) were a 1978 TV series. Star Trek (and the Borg) didn't get together until the ... Read More »

My computer screen keeps flashing ever since i downloaded garrys mod help please?

If you play online alot you probably joined a bad server that downloaded a LUA file that had a virus atatched to it I dont think its your monitor and when you run your games what graphics setting d... Read More »

How to Go Outside the Map in Half Life 2?

Everyone knows that it is very fun to exploit a game's faults for personal enjoyment. Well, there is one in Half-Life 2 that some people haven't heard of. Check it out!