How to Install Green Axle Bearings?

Answer Automobile vehicles have front and rear wheel bearings that sit inside hubs. Some bearings have the ball-type design typically seen in older vehicles, while modern vehicles have needle bearings. Pa... Read More »

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About Bad Axle Bearings?

Axle bearings allow car wheel axles to spin. This then allows the car to move supported by the wheel system. When bearings go bad, particularly axle bearings, the symptoms are noticeable. As a resu... Read More »

How to Fix Rear Axle Bearings?

The rear axle bearing, also called a wheel bearing, allows the wheel to turn smoothly and takes the strain off of the axles. Rear wheel bearings are typically a sealed unit and can be removed using... Read More »

How to Replace Axle Bearings?

Axle bearings play a pivotal role in how your vehicle moves. They hold the axle in place, which allows for the free movement of the wheels as you are driving. Over time, these parts will begin to w... Read More »

How to Remove Axle Bearings?

Throughout the lifetime of a vehicle, problems with the axle bearings may pop up. Occasionally the axle will leak oil, and sometimes the wheel, or axle, bearing will begin to make noises during ope... Read More »