How to Install Google Chrome in an External Hard Drive?

Answer Everyone knows that external hard drives are used to store data, but few are aware that the same device can be used to store and run applications like Google Chrome. This goes beyond simply storing... Read More »

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How much Hard Drive space does Google Chrome take?

that what or how many MB it takes to install them.. if this helped pass it on

How do I install an external hard drive on a Mac?

Connect the Hard DriveConnect the hard drive to your Mac via USB or FireWire, depending on the connections available on the drive and on your computer. Connect the power adapter to the wall socket ... Read More »

How to Install OSX on an External Hard Drive?

Mac OS X comes in many versions, from the inaugural 10.0 to the more commonly used Tiger 10.4, Leopard 10.5 and Snow Leopard 10.6. If you have a Mac already running a version of OS X, you can insta... Read More »

How do I install an Ubuntu external hard drive?

Switch off your system by clicking on the power icon in the upper-right corner of your desktop menu bar in Ubuntu and selecting "Turn Off." Plug in your external hard drive into an open USB port. M... Read More »