How to Install Goodyear Tires?

Answer Goodyear Tires are one of the biggest tire brands on the market, with models that will fit nearly any vehicle. Installing a Goodyear tire can be challenging because tires need to be mounted and bal... Read More »

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Comparing General Tires With Goodyear Tires?

Goodyear is an automotive company specializing in the manufacturing and selling of tires. A Goodyear tire has specific qualities that can you help you differentiate between Goodyear and other brands.

Where are Goodyear tires manufactured?

Goodyear manufactures tires at 57 plants in 23 countries, including the United States. The company manufactures tires for many types of vehicles, including passengers cars, trucks, buses, farm equi... Read More »

What does the yellow dot mean on Goodyear tires?

A yellow dot denotes the lightest balance point on a Goodyear tire. The yellow dot is aligned with the heaviest balancing point of the wheel, usually near the valve stem. Aligning the two points ... Read More »

Who invented Goodyear tires?

American Charles Goodyear invented vulcanized rubber in 1836 and acquired the patent in 1844. In 1898, the Goodyear tire company was named in his honor.Source:The Charles Goodyear StoryInvent Now H... Read More »