How to Install Garden Bed Edging?

Answer In the garden, edging is both decorative and practical. Edging can help define and enhance the borders of a garden bed. Garden edging can also make mowing around a garden simpler by keeping weeds o... Read More »

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Garden Edging Tips?

Edging serves a decorative purpose and a functional one. Decoratively, it creates a boundary around your garden beds, giving it definition and structure. More importantly, it prevents grass and oth... Read More »

How to Locate Garden Edging?

There is no one right material to create a functional and attractive garden edge or border. Of course, a trip to the home improvement center or nursery can supply you with all the bricks, plastic e... Read More »

Homemade Garden Edging?

Garden edging creates a visual border between your garden bed and the rest of the yard. Edging also helps to keep weeds from invading and makes it easier to mow around your garden without risking d... Read More »

Garden Path Edging?

Edging keeps a loose-fill garden path neat. Edging material can tie design elements from your home---brick, wood or stone---into the landscape or be strictly utilitarian. The type of edging you cho... Read More »