How to Install Formica?

Answer Formica, or laminate countertop, is a low-cost option for kitchen counters, readily available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Laminate is easy to clean and relatively durable, although, b... Read More »

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How to Cut & Install Formica Countertops?

Formica laminate sheets are made from resin-saturated paper pressed under heat to make the finished product. Kitchen countertops are made from a plywood or particle-board base with laminate bonded ... Read More »

How to Install Tile Over Formica Countertops?

Many homeowners install tile over their old Formica countertops. If you have Formica or laminate countertops, installing tile on top of them is easy. Proper preparation of the Formica countertops i... Read More »

What is the labor cost per sq ft to install formica?

To install formica you will need a "table saw" to cut it at least a 1/2 inch over on all sides and a router to edge it off once it is laid on your surface. you can also edge it off with a good meta... Read More »

Can you install glass tiles on top of Formica?

Glass tiles can be installed over Formica; however, every case is different. You should not install glass tiles over Formica if the existing countertop is cracked or damaged. If the Formica is in g... Read More »