How to Install Flush Bolts on Doors?

Answer Like the familiar, surface-mounted barrel bolt, flush bolts consist of a metal rod that slides from a door frame into a door jamb. Unlike barrel bolts, flush bolts mount into recessed channels, cal... Read More »

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How to Fix Flush Bolts?

Bolts that have broken off flush with the surface of a part need to removed and replaced with a new fastener. Most flush bolts break because of seizing from corrosion. To remove the broken bolt, yo... Read More »

How to Install Bed Bolts?

Bed bolts hold the frame of many styles of beds together by allowing you fasten the bed rails to the posts in the end pieces of the bed. Glider futon frames often use the same design to connect the... Read More »

How to Install Hanger Bolts?

Hanger bolts have a wide variety of uses, but are often used to bolt table legs.The leg secures to the table via a corner bracket with a washer and a nut to fit the hanger bolt. Whatever the need f... Read More »

How to Install Head Bolts?

If you have never installed head bolts, it is best to do your homework and arm yourself with the bolt torque and tightening order specs of the engine you're working on. Proper bolt lubrication, cle... Read More »