How to Install FSD Cooler With a PMD?

Answer The pump mounted driver (PMD) is an electronic module mounted on the side of an injection pump. The PMD is placed on the injection pump to aid in heat disbursement, as the PMD generates a lot of he... Read More »

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How to Install an HP CPU Cooler?

An HP desktop computer uses a CPU cooling fan and heat sink assembly to keep the processing unit's temperature at an acceptable level, within the component's standard operating temperature. If a CP... Read More »

How to Install a CPU Cooler in an AMD Motherboard?

These instructions will help you to install a CPU cooler/heating onto an AMD socket motherboard.

How to Install a Transmission Cooler?

An auxiliary transmission cooler is actually a small radiator that a vehicle's transmission fluid is routed through. This dissipates and cools the fluid and may keep the transmission from overheati... Read More »

Do you have to take off motherboard to install cpu cooler?

All you should have to do is remove the existing cooler and its electrical connection.Then, install fresh thermal paste, install the new cooler and plug it in.The motherboard does not get moved.