How to Install Electric Horns on Your Truck?

Answer The electric horn is found under the hood of your truck. It operates by using electromagnetic impulses to create a sound loud enough to alert other vehicles of your presence, which in turn helps to... Read More »

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How to Hook Up Electric Air Horns With a Relay?

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How to Install Hella Horns?

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How to Install Stebel Musical Air Horns?

Motorcycle riders may have a tough time being noticed when maneuvering around larger and heavier vehicles -- motorcycle horns typically produce a tepid beep. Drivers of passenger vehicles fair no b... Read More »

How to Install Strobe Lights in Your Truck?

Strobe lights, which produce regular flashes of light, offer a great way to customize your vehicle. Strobe lights can create a party in your truck -- but make sure that you are still able to concen... Read More »