How to Install Debian Linux 3 from Floppy Disks?

Answer Debian Linux 3 is particularly suitable for old computers. They may be so old that they only have a floppy disk drive or less than 64Mb RAM. Unlike most Linux distributions, Debian 3 still offers f... Read More »

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How to Install Software in Debian Linux?

Debian is the basis of Ubuntu, Knoppix, MEPIS, Kanotix and Aptosid. If your distro doesn't include all the software you want, you can install additional software from the internet (whether you have... Read More »

How to Install Firefox in Debian Linux?

Debian GNU Linux includes Iceweasel as one of its supported internet browsers. Iceweasel was built from Firefox and it is fully compatible with Debian. Yet, there are important differences which ma... Read More »

Does Debian Linux run the same way as Ubuntu?

Although Ubuntu and Debian both use the same package management system the two are very different. A deb. package developed for Ubuntu will not work on Debian with a few exceptions however overall ... Read More »

Does anyone actually still use floppy disks?

I use them all the time for troubleshooting a computer that won't start or if I need to write a script and run it on another computer at boot up. If you are thinking about whether to get a floppy o... Read More »